Our Simple Process & How It Works

We work with you every step of the way to keep it simple & stress free.


Getting your accommodation website online has never been as easy as this
We follow these simple steps with all our clients

Purchase a website from us

Visit our pricing page, click ‘buy now’ for either a Standard or Premium package & go through the checkout process.

At this stage, you will be charged for the initial website build – not the website hosting (we will send your website hosting invoice once your website is completely finished & online).

Answer a few questions about your accommodation

Once you have placed your initial order, visit the ‘My Account’ area.

Standard Package:
There you will be asked a few simple questions to help us learn a little about your accommodation (eg. accommodation name, general location & the type of accommodation). This only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Premium Package:
You will be asked to place a booking for your consultation call with us.

We contact you

Standard Package:
When we have received the basic information about your accommodation – we will be in touch about the next steps by e-mail.

Premium Package:
We will call you at the time you requested & talk to you about your accommodation, its location, and any requests that you may have regarding your website. We will also suggest the structure for your website & will send this to you via e-mail for reference as well.

Website design references

This is an important step: To help make sure that you get the website that you would like, we ask that you provide us with links for 3 to 5 example reference websites.

They don’t necessarily need to be links for accommodation websites, but they should help to indicate the design/style that you would like. We use these as a starting guide, and then develop your website from there.

Domain name

If you haven’t already registered a domain name, we will provide some suggestions (or take your suggestions) & check their availability. Once the domain name has been agreed, we will register it for you.

Website content

Now it’s your turn: you will need to provide us with the images and text that you would like to use on your website. We will suggest the pages that we think you need on your website with a rough breakdown of what should be covered on each page.

This is often the longest part of the process – writing quality text for a website takes time and really shouldn’t be rushed.

Premium Package:
At this stage we will also provide you with additional feedback regarding search engine optimisation (SEO) – or if you are happy for us to tweak the text on your behalf, we will do it for you.

Website build

We will build your custom website in-house & will be in touch if we have any questions or need more content from you.

Website online

When we are happy with the design & build of your website, we will put it online so you can review it. We can then take any feedback & make amendments if needed.

We will also set-up your email address when your website is online (if you need one) – we will send instructions to tell you how to get your email address set-up on your chosen device.

Last bits

When you’re happy, we will set-up Google Search Console & Google Analytics for your website.

Search Console allows Google to discover and explore your website quickly, while Analytics allows us to see how many visitors your website receives etc in the future.

We find that most clients generally tend not to look at Analytics data (it is quite geeky) – if you would like to access Analytics or receive a basic monthly e-mail with a PDF report, we can set that up for you as well.

We will now create your user account on your new website so you can log in and edit your website whenever you like.

Premium Package:
We will now ask you to book an appointment to have your 1:1 online video call where we will share our screen with you & walk you around your new website, showing you how to edit it whenever you like. We recommend that you take this video call on a PC or laptop so you can see the website editor user interface more clearly – you might struggle to see exactly what is being shown if you use a mobile device. During this call, you don’t need to be on camera, but a microphone can help speed things up if you would like to ask questions as we go.

Website hosting invoice

Once you’re happy and your website is live, we will then send you the invoice for your website hosting.

The website hosting will then automatically renew and send you an invoice annually, unless you cancel it in the ‘My Account’ area on the Keep It Occupied website. Your original order and all hosting invoices can be also be viewed in the ‘My Account’ area at any time.

That’s it – it really is that simple & straight forward.

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